A great experience brings a brand and a customer closer

It’s seductive to think of “customer experience” as a comfy layer around the edge of a brand, providing a pleasant place for customers to do business. But a customer’s experience is more like the sum total of their every interaction with a brand over time.

There’s not one big experience per brand, but rather an experience for every customer: it stretches back to their earliest awareness, and also forward as long as they remain satisfied. Each experience is unique, and each is precious.

Suppose we could shape those experiences so that they’re great for both parties… what would it take to ensure that every single one is at least as valuable for the customer as for the brand?

Every interaction is an opportunity for a brand to show its true colours

Brands often develop personas and create hypothetical journeys and lifecycles for them to follow, to better explain their marketing activities. But it’s rare for the relationship with an individual customer to be as precisely linear as such crude models might suggest.

The fate of a customer’s relationship with a brand lies in the success of each interaction, from the most basic moments of recognition through to complex transactions.

We work with brands to grow from thinking about customers in the aggregate, to developing the capability to nurture enduring, one-on-one experiences that cut through the volatility of technological advancement, consumer trends and financial uncertainty.

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